Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bike Route will be on KickStarter soon!

Our Kickstarter launch date is scheduled for April 23, just a few scant weeks away. We are so excited to finally be getting this off the ground. If you sign up on our email list (click get a copy) we will email you when the project is live.

What is Kickstarter?
Put simply, Kickstarter is a funding platform where creators can share and gather interest on a particular creative project they'd like to launch. It's entirely driven by crowdfunding, meaning that the general public (and their money) is what sends these projects into production. Every project is independently crafted while friends, fans and total strangers offer to fund them in return for rewards or the finished product itself.

Once enough people have funded the project by pledging a small or large amount of money to meet the creators' goal by the deadline, development, and production of those projects can be carried out. Depending on the complexity of the project, backers who pledged money may have to wait months before they receive or get access to the finished the product.


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