How To Play



Each player is trying to complete bike routes around town to win Community Awards Points.

Players will get Bike Route cards that tell which routes the bikers want.

Each route is worth 1, 2 or 3 points as shown on the upper left hand corner.

The First player to reach 7 Community Awards Points wins the game.

This West Sacramento route is
worth 2 points when complete.

Place the game board in the middle of the table.

Find the yellow reference cards and give one to each player.

Shuffle the entire deck of Route Cards and deal 2 to each player face down. Players may look at their cards but they should keep them a secret.

Place all the pawns in the draw bag. Each player takes 2 pawns out of the bag without looking.

The player who most recently rode their bike goes first.

Deal 2 Route cards to each player.


On your turn you may take 1 of the following 4 actions.
  1. Draw 1 New Bike Route Card.
    Draw a Bike Route card from the draw pile. You may only every have 5 cards in your hand.
  2. Put 2 pawns on the map
    Play 2 pawns from your hand onto the map. Each pawn must match the color of the space you place it on. You may play any color pawn on a wild space.
  3. Draw 2 pawns from the bag
    Randomly draw 2 pawns from the bag without looking.
  4. Discard any number of pawns from the bag and draw the same numbers.
    You may find that you do not have the right colored pawns in your hand. To fix this you can discard any or all of your pawns and draw the exact same number from the bag. Example: You discard 5 pawns to the bag and draw 5 new ones.
Also on your turn Score 1 Route Card
Each turn you may score 1 Route Card. You score a route card when the route between the 2 locations are connected by complete routes that have pawns on them. To score the card announce the locations and show how they are connected on the map. You may only score 1 route card per turn.

If you have 7 or more points in competed route cards you win the game immediately.

After you complete your turn the player to your left takes their turn.

Every player gets a reference card.


Trading Pawns
During the game players may trade pawns with each other. They may agree to any terms for the trade and the terms are binding. Players do not need to trade only on their turn but may trade at any time. This optional rule can create a game that is longer but has more player interaction.

Cut Throat Mode
Each player who completes a route they may immediately remove up to four pawns from the board. This option rule creates a longer game but one that is very competitive.

Route Market
Setup: Do not deal out any Route Cards. 
Place the Route Market near the game board.
Use the Route Market on the back of the rules or print one out.
Shuffle and place 4 route cards face up on the 4 Route Market spaces.

Game Play: Buy cards from the Market. 
During your turn you can purchase cards from the market as an action.  To purchase a card pay the price shown below the card. Return that number of pawns to the bag and take the card.
This action replaces the standard “Draw a Card” action.

If you have enough pawns, you may use both of your actions to purchase cards from the market.

At the end of your turn, slide all the cards to the left, and add new cards on the right side. Cards become cheaper as they move left.

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