I had to start the locations with the Tower. This was the first thing that I associated with Sacramento and is the same way for many transplants. It stands tall over the skyline as you whiz by on 50. "Hey what is that? It looks cool" you think as you try to figure out how to get off the highway to go see it.

I remember fondly the Tower Records in San Francisco. I can't tell how many times I lined up outside at 6 am to get in an already long ticket line. You would think "how are all these night children out so early and why is this line so long?'

Our friend Stacy finally got us to stop in the 90's at the Tower cafe for the great food. She made it a must stop on the way up to Tahoe from SF. It was fantastic and it put the first flag in the ground of my Sacramento mental map.

Now we feel like the tower cafe is part of our lives as it stands at the transition from our Land Park neighborhood to the grid downtown. We love going to the cafe for cocktails before catching a quality movie in the theater.

The theater is fantastic and has been showing movies for over 80 years. The theater still has the old movie palace magic that is missing from the new theaters in the mall. Just walking up to the front door you know your are somewhere special.

Looking at the Bike Route Game board I see that the Tower is almost directly in the center. This is perfect because the Tower still holds a central place in my idea of Sacramento.

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