Land Park

When I think of Land Park I think of sports and especially soccer. It seems that just about everyone has gone through Land Park Soccer or has friends or family who have brought them to games. The fields are full of kids and adults year round kicking that purple ball.

I also wanted to raise a toast to the great fans in the area. The Kings have been terrible but you see lots of people wearing the gear and going to the games. Now we add in the Sac Republic, Cats, NFL, MLB it just does not stop. I have had great conversations in Sprouts with fans wearing a hat or jersey about their team.

All this made me create the big purple ball for Land Park. It seemed a good metaphor for all spirit of the neighborhood. It was done but missing something so I added some of the favorite teams to it. I also added the T logo in their for TableStar Games. Finally a signed piece!

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