Downtown is so compact and surrounded by interesting areas, but the whole thing was not really holding together. You had a disheveled area right in the core. It did not have enough gravity pull the  downtown together. Then came DOCO.

This was a radical idea to transform the downtown into an area that people would want to visit. It started a wave of changes that have made things new and inviting. The anchor is the an awesome  stadium and hotel complex. It is high end but it invites you want to walk around the plazas and gardens to see what new things are available.  Now from Old Town to K street or down the the Capitol you have this energetic zone lighting things up.

The name is a little pretentious but more meaningful change was gentrification of the area. Where once a gritty area there are glittering shops for the gentry. Overall I like the new core and I think it was a great improvement but things get lost in the churn. Another layer of the city gets laid down over the last generation and everything is new again. 


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