For Southport I really wanted to honor The Club Pheasant as it is one of the timeless institutions of West Sacramento.  The club has been in operation for more than 75 years and is now being operated by the 4th generation of the Palamidessi family. You can read more of their history on the Club Pheasant website.

When you visit the restaurant you can see the history of the place. So many weddings, graduation parties and memorials have been held here that it has touched many of the people in Sacramento. The club is very close to the Yolo bypass and the occasional pheasant still can be seen in the area just like in time of old.

To make the Bike Route Sacramento game work better I added a bridge connecting Southport to Sutterville road. This bridge has been planned for years but it might never be built. It would be great to be able to cross and visit the Pheasant Club by bike

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